At Artemis Festival, we believe that a theoretical interest in the natural world needs to be nurtured and developed into active engagement with our environment. We offer an engaging platform in order to inspire people to take action and begin changing the world for good.



We aspire to forge and conserve meaningful connections between both professionals within the environmental industry and visitors to the event. We firmly believe that social engagement can lead to practical solutions, relying on the strength of a diverse and engaged community. 



Artemis Festival aims to create an engaging environment where debate and communal learning is encouraged to develop ideas and solutions across multiple subject areas. By highlighting the climate emergency and creating opportunities to discuss viable solutions to stabilise our emissions, we believe we can begin to reverse environmental damage through social engagement and practical education.



At Artemis Festival, we develop and reconnect to our relationships with nature through creative mediums such as music, dance and art in order to celebrate the potential for a sustainable future where humans can live in harmony with our environment. Amongst the seemingly endless chaos of statistics, hard science and governmental policy that surround the environmental sector, it’s easy to lose sight of our core inspiration; the wonder of the natural world.